During the two years my wife and I lived in New York City, we kept a detailed blog of our activities. In the end we published over 100 posts on topics ranging from the well-known to the obscure in New York City culture. In addition to being a fun way to share our adventures with our family and friends, it also became a resource for locals to learn about their own city and for tourists to plan their upcoming “trips of a lifetime”.

Here’s a list of our top 10 most read posts:

10. FAO Schwarz – Home of the Legendary Toy Company

9. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

8. The Hispanic Society of America

7. Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square

6. NYC Christmas Trees

5. Hiking Mt. Beacon

4. Ebbets Field

3. “Size DOES Matter” (Curated by Shaquille O’Neal)

2.  Jackie Robinson’s Grave

1. Michael Jordan’s Birthplace

In the years ahead it will be fun to reread and remember the good times we had in the Big Apple. We’re hoping it will continue to be used as a resource for people interested in New York City culture.