The development of the internet in recent years has provided incredible opportunities for the self-publishing industry. In 2009, to publish his own writings, my dad started his own publishing label. Named after the street my parents live on, it’s called Westbench Publishing.

isaiah book cover

In the late 1990s my dad started a personal study of the Book of Isaiah. Ten years later his personal study had grown into a 650-page verse-by-verse commentary that he wanted to publish. I helped him by designing the cover, improving the fonts and format of the text, and getting the printed books placed in local bookstores. Later, I helped him secure a nation-wide distributor, which allowed the book to be placed in larger chain bookstores. In 2011, I made an e-book version for Kindle. I also manage a Facebook page and a blog to promote the book.


When my parents were a young married couple, my dad was sent to Vietnam for a year-long tour of duty. That year, he spent Christmas on guard duty at the perimeter of his Army compound. In 2004, a brief memoir he wrote about this experience was published on Christmas Eve in the Deseret News. In 2011, I thought it would be worthwhile to turn his story into an e-book and include several period photos. Carma Wadley, former Feature Editor and senior writer at the Deseret News, wrote the foreword for the e-book. Here’s a link:

ISAIAS_COVER The Spanish translation of Isaiah: The Times of Fulfillment was published in 2012. In December 2012 I made an e-book version for Kindle. The entire text is also available here.