Read October
“Every October drink a Leninade and read a book about the evils of Communism and the blessings/responsibilities of freedom.”

Ever since high school, I’ve had a fascination with the history and ideology of Communism and have read several books on the subject. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to Leninade, an artisan soda that is a satire of Soviet propaganda. Last year I had the real pleasure of meeting Danny Ginsburg, the creator of Leninade, who is witty and awesome. We became friends and have kept in contact via social media.

In October of last year, inspired by the book I was then reading, I had an idea for a way to promote both Leninade and scholarship about the realities of Communism. Why not drink a Leninade while reading a book about Communism during the month of October? ‘Read October‘ was born.