sevenbasicplots_cover“The hero or heroine is he or she who is born to inherit; who is worthy to succeed; who must grow up as fit to take on the torch of life from those who went before. Such is the essence of the task laid on each of us as we come into this world. That is what stories are trying to tell us.” (p. 702)

One of the most insightful, profound, and widely applicable books I’ve ever read, The Seven Basic Plots is an investigation into the archetypes of stories and what they tell us about life, human nature, and social change. Advertising centers around stories and ultimately how a product/service can fit into and enhance an individual’s life story (or chapter therefrom). This book informs us about the big picture of stories and where our true ending is aimed. Knowing this, advertisers can better strategize and more effectively persuade individuals to want to buy their product/service.