One of the clients I work with at DesignCo Marketing is Morgenroth Development, a general contracting company in Pleasanton, CA. I chiefly write for their Builder’s Blog, but I also provide copy for their website and I wrote their e-book, Remodeling v. Moving.

Below is a list of some of my favorite articles I’ve written for their Builder’s Blog, which include interviews with subcontractors, book reviews, and current housing trends:

  • “Preparing Your Home for Resale to Millennials”
  • “Hardwood Floors: Prefinish v. Job-Site Finish”
  • “Quality Over Quantity — The Not So Big House”
  • “6 Ways to Make Your Home Staycation Ready”
  • “Home On The Range: Gas Ranges v. Electric Ranges”
  • “Man Caves That Match Their Men”
  • “5 Artisan Smore Recipes for your New Outdoor Fire Pit”
  • “Hardwood Flooring: Pre-finished Engineered v. Pre-finished Solid”
  • “3 Rules of Green Building Projects”