Brigham Young University is famous for its dating and marriage culture. While lasting relationships often form, there is no shortage of drama and heartache along the way. In the spirit of “if you can laugh at it, then it can’t hurt you,” the BYU Date Club was formed to help students cope with and seek to understand the realities of the love quest.

It all started as a funny t-shirt design, but it quickly grew into a social force when it received front page media coverage in The Daily Universe. This was soon followed by Date Club Prophecies, a collection of my philosophizings and musings about dating, and Date With Destiny, a 30-minute no-budget sci-fi film about the 500th anniversary of the Intergalactic Federation of Romance.

Today the BYU Date Club, which has never been a sanctioned campus club, exists on Facebook, where people often post interesting articles, hilarious pick-up lines, memes, and personal stories. The hope is that it will continue to help people in their quest to find an everlasting love.

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