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After completing graduate school, my wife and I moved to New York City in December 2009, so I could pursue an advertising internship. I spent 6 months at Greencard Creative, a Latin-focused boutique located in BBDO office space in Midtown Manhattan. During this time, I was fortunate to work with a variety of clients and rub shoulders with many people at BBDO. Below is a list of the major clients I worked with.

1: Ecuador — By applying my understanding of green marketing, I helped win an account with the government of Ecuador.

2: Origomu — By drafting professional letters, I secured the acceptance of this innovative art technique and movement by the New York City Department of Education.

3: Petit Nectar — By analyzing research videos and surveys, I helped develop a strategic plan to expand the U.S. distribution of this Guatemalan beverage brand.

4: Contemporary Latin American Art Space of the Heights (CLASH) — By studying the neighborhood of Washington Heights, I helped develop a strategic plan for this cultural space prior to its construction. Ultimately, it became the Alianza Dominicana Cultural Center.

In the final tally, I contributed to ethnographic research and the creation of online surveys; drafted letters, press releases, blog posts and PowerPoint presentations; and reviewed research videos, social media sources, and professional reports.

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT at Brigham Young University

At Brigham Young University, I experienced a rigorous, challenging, and rewarding academic experience — ultimately earning a BA in History and a Minor in English. The most valuable part of my education, however, was my campus employment, which gave me hands-on experiences in professional situations.

My first two years, I worked at KBYU Television, where I wrote and produced 50 television spots, assisted with pledge drives, and made the first Membership spots for BYU Television, which aired internationally. My last two years, I worked as a research assistant for a Church History professor, helping with two books and six articles on topics related to the American West. I am indebted to these employers who trusted me to make major contributions to their work, thereby helping me learn new skills and develop my talents.

For my Senior Paper, I demonstrated the value of two Mormon immigrant databases by using them to write about the immigration experience of my great-grandfather, William Blake.

  1. Mormon Immigration Index — a database containing journals and ship logs of 93,000 immigrants who traveled to the United States between 1840-1890.
  2. Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel — a database containing historical records of the overland journeys of Mormon immigrants between 1847-1868.

William Blake came to America as a youth during the Civil War and experienced the dangers of traveling through a war zone — both on land and on sea. In later years, he wrote a brief account of his immigration experience, detailing the route his family took and highlighting a few noteworthy experiences along the way. By interviewing two of my great-uncles, who knew him as children and were familiar with family oral tradition, I was able to expand upon the story.

Next, the Mormon Immigration Index and the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel databases provided invaluable contextual information that helped me gain a more complete understanding of his harrowing experience. In the end, his story contains all the drama, action, and suspense of a Hollywood film.

GRADUATE STUDENT at The University of Texas at Austin

The University of Texas at Austin boasts the #1 ranked Advertising program in the United States. My focus within their graduate program was Account Planning, or studying consumer behavior to gain insights that can be applied to advertising efforts and customer interactions. Class projects included the Austin Farmers’ Market, the Former Texas Rangers Foundation, Barfly by TouchTunes, concert hall music, and binge drinking.

For my Master’s Report, I researched how to increase public visits to the Rob & Bessie Welder Wildlife Foundation, a privately-owned research facility located about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi, TX on a 7,800-acre wildlife refuge. My research included interviewing school teachers (public, private, and home) who had taken their students on field trips to the Refuge, and comparing it to the experience that public visitors enjoyed. To gain insight on the Welder brand, I interviewed the director and his wife, the graduate student in charge of school visits, and a Welder fellow from the early 1970s.

Accompanying my 48-page report was a 12-minute video I edited from my interview footage.

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