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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER at Mercy Brown Bag Program

In the Fall of 2015 I participated in a four month effort to strengthen the social media presence of Mercy Brown Bag Program, a non-profit in Oakland, CA that provides food to low-income seniors.

The effort involved managing their Facebook page and seeing if I could build an audience. My focus in developing social media content was to establish a consistent brand that reflected their devoted, “in the trenches,” self-sacrificing efforts. I did this by establishing a consistent look in the content I created. This included using the same filter for all on-location photographs and telling the stories of their many long-time volunteers. Each week I would sponsor a post highlighting a volunteer. Their black & white photo framed by brown paper would be accompanied by a caption in their own words of “why they volunteer.” In addition, I would regularly post photos from various locations in Alameda County of their work in action.

After four months, their Facebook followers doubled and their reach expanded as people engaged with the content — sharing it and leaving uplifting comments. People appreciated their work and many wanted to help out in some way. More importantly, however, it served to generate excitement among employees and volunteers, as they received recognition from the community. Additionally, the brand helped to unify the program and establish a clear identity.

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER at A Man’s World Barber Shop

Shortly after moving to the Bay Area I set out to find a new barber. In Brooklyn, NY I had enjoyed frequenting a traditional barber shop, so I sought for the same experience in California. After floating around for a few months I discovered A Man’s World Barber Shop, a second generation barber shop and the oldest one in Walnut Creek. Darrell has been my barber ever since.

One day we got talking about how he’d like to diversify his clientele, so I offered to create and manage a Facebook page for him. It would serve as a cyber extension of his barber shop by keeping conversations happening between haircuts.

Our posts have included news articles about the barber industry, photos of interesting objects and happenings at A Man’s World Barbershop, and videos featuring Darrell where he discusses current events (a favorite was the last two years of the NBA Finals featuring his favorite team the Golden State Warriors).

It’s a lot of fun and we’ve been surprised at how much material we’ve found and how often barbering shows up in the news. Here’s our Christmas campaign from December 2015: “The 12 Days of A Man’s World Barber Shop.”

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MARKETING CONSULTANT at Westbench Publishing

In 2009, my dad started his own publishing label in order to publish his own writings. This included Isaiah: The Times of Fulfillment, a 650-page verse-by-verse commentary of the Book of Isaiah. I helped him by designing the cover and getting the printed books placed in local bookstores. Later, I helped him secure a nation-wide distributor, which allowed the book to be placed in larger chain bookstores. The book has sold out of its first printing. In 2011, I made an e-book version for Kindle. I also manage a Facebook page and a blog to promote the book.

The Spanish translation of Isaiah: The Times of Fulfillment was published in 2012 and is also available as an e-book on Kindle. The Portuguese translation is expected to be released in 2018.

When my parents were a young married couple, my dad was sent to Vietnam for a year-long tour of duty. That year, he spent Christmas on guard duty at the perimeter of his Army compound. In 2004, a brief memoir he wrote about this experience was published on Christmas Eve in the Deseret News. In 2011, I turned his memoir into an e-book called Christmas on the Perimeter and included several period photos. Carma Wadley, former Feature Editor and senior writer at the Deseret News, wrote the foreword for the e-book. Here’s a link:

In 2016, we started Latter-day Chiasmus, an effort to document chiasmus in the writings of modern prophets. As an extension of this, we are also studying chiasmus in the writings of Robert Louis Stevenson (along with other secular writers often quoted by LDS general authorities). In July 2017, I presented a paper at the International Robert Louis Stevenson Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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